Waste Management


In the waste management sector, ROOK handles marketing for manufacturers of machinery and systems.

ROOK represents TANA of Finland (www.tana.fi) for landfill compactors and shredders. The landfill compactors find use across the globe for scientific landfill management and the slow speed shredders of TANA are handy for sizing of waste for use in composting, RDF production and other usage.

ROOK promotes SANWA, a company headquartered in Japan and manufacturing in China. SANWA is a leading manufacturer of turnkey systems for various waste management applications including Garbage sorting system, Appliance recycling system, Recycling system of waste vehicle & metals, Generation system of waste fermentation Composing system, Plastic Recycling system, Recycling system of bulky waste, Recycling system of construction waste, System of RDF & RPF, Sludge treating system, Fluidized bed pyrolysis gasification system, Hazardous waste & medical waste treating system and waste water treating system.